I believe how we speak to others and about ourselves, is a choice.

Words leave an infinite indelible mark on the screen of consciousness. Words spoken in a reaction is evidence there is a wound needing healing. We may not be able to take words back but we can make a new choice in this now moment. We can be the ripple that sparks healing for the generations.

I have witnessed this in my own life and am blessed to guide others to the root cause of their reactions. Being a guide and witnessing another loving themself free is a sacred honor. The result is their heart softens, their innate essence of Love and compassion emerges from the deep well of feminine wisdom we all have within. They are more grounded when listening to another’s truth albeit different from their own. The need to defend from a place of fear dissolves and the peaceful warrior within stands as a sacred witness in the face of conflict.

Today let’s remember at our core we are all a precious pure spark of the divine. Let’s choose to Be tender when holding someone’s heart in our hand. If you’ve read this far, thank you. I believe I was guided to write this for you. Your life and your relationships deserve the best version of you.

Begin 2021 with a purer lighter. Reach out and let’s talk about how I can guide you on your Pathway to Living In Love. A journey that will change your life for GOOD! I AM HERE FOR YOU. Your Sacred Guide, Elizabeth St. Germain