As I lay my head down to sleep tonight I flood my inner child’s consciousness with these words. 


They are the antidote of my Capricorn Moon Myth  = “there is not enough” 

This myth is an energetic matrix imprinted before I took my first breath;  it is the feminine wound my soul chose in this lifetime to evolve through.  We each have our own Moon Myth, an individual expression of the collective core feminine wound. 

It was my story growing up as the youngest of six to a mother who for reasons I understand so differently now stayed in an abusive marriage to a mafia-made-man. She didn’t, couldn’t have enough for me. 

Not enough love. 
Not enough care. 
Not enough protection. 
Not enough time for me. 

Or so I believed and unconsciously worked to sustain for most of my life

This myth kept me in the womb of safety. 

Until it didn’t. 

Many versions of this myth played out in relationship after relationship. I didn’t know that like my mother I too was allowing myself to stay in relationships that were abusive to my mind, body, and spirit. 

Children relive what their parents don’t resolve.

My soul clearly incarnated for resolution. 

Each soul a real-life 3D physical manifestation of the many expressions of my Moon Myth. 
Never enough. 
Not chosen. 
The distortions go on. 

We are all characters in our individual and collective human mythology, the different roles each relationship plays can expand our understanding of ourselves; our understanding of love. 

The cycles of nature are true and natural and after many moons of hardship, trust a time of rebirth will follow.

In this realm, it is through hardship and heartache that we are cracked open so the light of our pure essence can emerge. 

Tonight, after many moons of reimagining my myth my spirit rests in the knowledge that…


As you lay your head to sleep tonight bath your sweet spirit in the knowing that…


Tomorrow is a new day to begin again!