Vulnerability is scary, but pure. In it you can find your bravery. In it you can find yourself.

I’ve been reflecting and writing about my journey over the past decade on how much I’ve learned from my relationships.

If we allow, our relationships will at some point offer us the opportunity to surrender to our vulnerabilities.

Relationships by nature are master classrooms for self-realization; containers that hold the reflective waters of our brilliance and also the darkness we hide in the depths of our consciousness.

Our new age culture has awakened in us a desire for more soul-centered relationships. As we cultivate an intimate relationship with the Source of Love in us, it’s natural to desire a deeper connection with the world around us.

That certainly is the case for me.

Each beautiful soul in my life is an angel – a messenger.

When I began to see through the lens that every relationship in my life reflects an aspect of me, life changed. For good. Seeing, hearing and experiencing the messages they agreed to bring me no matter how they were delivered, is truly a gift. One that has taken me to my knees, stripping me of the many layers of false identities that protected my vulnerabilities.

Love calls us to awaken us from the distortions we’ve made up about what love is.

Love can penetrate us to the core, destroying the false foundations our life and this world has been built on.

Love beckons to us to experience a little more of what love truly is.

Love’s desire is to heal our hearts.

Love called me to taste the sweetness of knowing myself.
I wasn’t aware that I didn’t know “me”.
I realize now that I couldn’t until I surrendered to Love.

Love stripped me naked.
and held me upright as the stakes of my untruths burnt to the ground.
Love purified me.
Love lifted me out of the ashes.

What emerged is a mother, lover, friend, sister, daughter; purer child of the Light.

Love showed me more of who I AM.


Fourteen years ago, Love came knocking on the door of my heart.

Calling me to a new quest.

It was time for an Initiation.

Initiations call us to a new way of walking through the world and always come with a death; death of an old way of being, death of a relationship, and as I have come to understand and honor the healing that comes with physical death.

For me that moment fourteen years ago was time to begin a journey of giving my unauthentic self an honorable death.

The moment I opened the door…
Love swept me into the depths of my underworld. I held on for my dear life while Love held me suspended between worlds as I navigated this realm and made allies with my inner demons.

Love is a force of nature, especially a parent’s love for her child.

My love for my child was the guiding light in those hours of darkness. There was nothing I would not do for my child. I’d give my life for her. But in the moments of my dark night of the soul over the summer of 2005 I stood at the crossroad of “was I willing to live for her?”

I did not realize then, this was a rite of passage, an initiation to Living In Love.

I’m grateful for the path I chose.

I can see now, how my daughter was a messenger; an angel of love reminding me of who I am.


It’s been many moons since that dark night of the soul. With Love as my guiding light I have continued to travel into the depths of my underworld, each sojourn paving a new pathway for Love to emerge, returning with jewels of my journey for me, my daughter and our planet.

After 33+ years of consciously walking my awakening journey, I realize I’m an adventurous soul, living life to the fullest, stepping into adventures excited about the possibilities and the unknown destiny that lies ahead. What I know is true with every cell of my being, is when I say YES to know more about WHO I AM the gifts I receive are far greater than the fear of the unknown.

This is one paragraph in my story of becoming the vessel of Living In Love.
I’ve learned to honor all of my story.
There is so much to learn from our life story.

Relationship are angels in our story, bringing gifts of insight that can illuminate the Truth of our story.

We are each here reimagining our story of love on planet earth.

Each moment presents us with a choice to surrender our vulnerabilities and taste the sweetness to know more of who you are.



No matter what path you choose; left or right, fear or love, to continue giving life to a way of living that’s screaming for an honorable death.

No matter what path you take,
remember, it will always lead you to Love.

2021 Love Reimagined
I AM here for you.
Living In Love with Elizabeth St. Germain
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