I’ve been self-quarantined since last Friday. My covid test results came back negative but my body has definitely been choosing health. No matter what it is, my first approach to healing is wholistic; mind, body, spirit.

This week my body ebbed and flowed with physical flu like symptoms while my spirit was at work clearing my field to receive gifts of new awareness, AHha’s and awakenings.

The GIFT truly is in the healing.

Everyday life offers us gifts to reveal the sacredness of connection with others and communion with ourselves.

It’s in the little things that can make us smile. Our journey in this human experience is to love ourselves free of the armor that protects our heart from perceiving and receiving the subtlest of offerings.

Today I’m grateful for a week of stillness and witnessing the gifts of how my journey of Living In Love has opened my heart to receive, and for the beautiful souls in my life who agreed to be the bringer of the lessons. You know who you are. Your love humbles me.

The Gift of Love comes in many forms and if we allow the souls who walk into our life to show us, love is always here.

The question is, can we let go of our expectations that love should come from certain people, in a certain way just because of our relationship to them? Or can we open our heart to receive the love that is right in front of us? In the way it’s offered even when it comes in unexpected ways and through unexpected souls?


Today my heart is smiling as I reflect on the little big gifts that healing brings. This morning feeling much better and wanting to add some holiday cheer to my space I unpacked a box of Christmas decorations that have been in storage since I moved to Florida in 2012. That’s just one of the reasons I returned to Florida, to complete the chapter of this past decade. But that’s another post.

Unpacking these darling little snowflake statues – aren’t they adorable! – made by a Baltimore Waldorf School alumni who brought a gift to me today. They are just a few of my favorite things from another season of my life that I will always cherish. It’s the little things that make us smile. As we journey into the depth of the season let’s not be so fast to turn the wheel of the year.

This is the season of S T I L L N E S S. As you reflect on the past year, decade, or more, may you receive the gifts of love life has offered you through the changing seasons. “What gift do you bring?” May the Light of Love shine brightly in your life always!

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