i believe there are no coincidences.

You found your way here for a reason. Perhaps you are asking the same question I have –

“who am i?”

I’m delighted to explore what that is for you!

are you ready to reimagine your life?

hello and welcome

I’m Elizabeth St. Germain, the creator of the Living In Love lifestyle.

I’ve come to realize every life challenge has offered me an opportunity to reimagine who I am and redefine what is love. The Living In Love lifestyle is the result of my lifetime experiences awakening, embodying and expressing the authentic me. My gift to you on your personal life journey is the gold of my quest.


“I always gain something from my sessions that is soul shifting and creates greater ease in my life. Elizabeth is a powerful healer and a wonderful coach who is authentically walking the journey with us.”

Gina Andreone-Strauss – Author

the i am living in love collection™

The I AM Living In Love Collection™ is designed around an affirmation that can change your life!

why this affirmation?

When we think, hear or speak these words, we set in motion a vibration that blesses our-self, our family and all of creation. We can all use more of that!

inspiration + insights + illumination

for creating a life you love.

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