i believe there are no coincidences.

You found your way here for a reason. Perhaps you are asking the same question I have –

“who am i?”

I’m delighted to explore what that is for you!

are you ready to reimagine your life?

hello and welcome

I’m Elizabeth St. Germain, the creator of the Living In Love lifestyle.

I’ve come to realize every life challenge has offered me an opportunity to reimagine who I am and redefine what is love. The Living In Love lifestyle is the result of my lifetime experiences awakening, embodying and expressing the authentic me. My gift to you on your personal life journey is the gold of my quest.


“I always gain something from my sessions that is soul shifting and creates greater ease in my life. Elizabeth is a powerful healer and a wonderful coach who is authentically walking the journey with us.”

Gina Andreone-Strauss – Author

inspiration + insights + illumination

for creating a life you love.

Solstice Blessing

Solstice Blessing

Light is everything positive. The Light is the bond that holds a relationship together, the force that heals a broken bone or a wounded heart, the Power that creates faith in the future. All this and more is in the Light. That Light is Love. Today walk outside and...

Our Words Have Power

Our Words Have Power

I believe how we speak to others and about ourselves, is a choice. Words leave an infinite indelible mark on the screen of consciousness. Words spoken in a reaction is evidence there is a wound needing healing. We may not be able to take words back but we can make a...

The Gift Is In The Healing

The Gift Is In The Healing

I’ve been self-quarantined since last Friday. My covid test results came back negative but my body has definitely been choosing health. No matter what it is, my first approach to healing is wholistic; mind, body, spirit. This week my body ebbed and flowed with...